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  • Getting Lumineers vs Veneers in Miami
    Getting Lumineers in Miami is a simple, pain free process. Many dentists refer to 'Lumineers' as the next-generation of veneers, and here's why. Read more
  • How much do veneers cost in Miami?
    Many patients travel to have their veneers installed in Miami because of the lower cost. Here's more information about the cost of veneers in South Florida. Read more
  • Getting Invisalign in Miami
    Invisalign is an easy, convenient, and visually appealing solution to a common problem. Here's what you need to know about getting Invisalign in Miami. Read more
  • Botox for Depression
    Botox is said to treat depression in one of two ways: facial feedback, and mirror neurons. Here's why botox seems to be a viable treatment for depression. Read more
  • Organized Dentistry: It’s All in the Family
    Many look upon second-generation physicians with doubt, dismissing them as "silver spoon" babies or expecting a sense of entitlement. But nothing could be further from the truth. Second generation dentists work hard and are prepared to deal with countless scenarios their counterparts are not. Read more
  • How to Find the Best Florida Dental Centers
    How do you determine which dental center is better than the other? There are a few key things to look for in your search for the best local dental provider. Read more
  • The Real Reason People Say “I Hate the Dentist”
    Oral hygeine is an essential part of your well-being. Here's the real reason why people say they hate the dentist and how we combat those negative beliefs. Read more
  • Root Canal Therapy
    Root canal therapy is typically foolproof. It guarantees immediate results for most patients, almost 100% of the time. It's a long-term solution that often lasts a lifetime. Similar to have an infected nail removed, it addresses the root of the pain. Read more
  • Dental Financing Options at Your Disposal
    When you are short on cash, going to the dentist can seem like an issue of convenience. Yet in fact, it's a matter of necessity. It can be quite expensive at that. Here are a few dental financing options at your disposal. Read more
  • Does Deep Dental Cleaning Hurt?
    Dental deep cleanings should not cause any long-term pain/sensitivity. If this does happen, the pain is usually never intense. Pain from the procedure should go away within a few hours and typically arises from sensitivity as we age. Read more
  • What Are Your Teeth Made Of?
    What are teeth made of? The human teeth are seemingly simple, but when we delve beyond what meets the eye, they are fascinatingly complex. Read more
  • 6 Dental Emergencies: How to Relieve Pain From a Cracked or Broken Tooth
    Here's how to relieve pain caused by a cracked or broken tooth, and what to do when you're experiencing other common dental emergencies. Read more
  • Aluminum Foil Teeth Whitening and DIY Hacks That Harm Teeth
    Aluminum foil teeth whitening and other DIY whitening hacks harm teeth. Don't turn to the internet for help with whitening your teeth, as it can lead you down a path of distraction, and in some cases, irreparable damage. Read more
  • 7 Ways to Improve Oral Hygiene
    Sugar causes problems for the gums and teeth, whether the sugar comes from candy, bread, soda, or alcohol. Follow these 7 Tips for better oral hygiene & increasing the longevity and functionality of your teeth. Read more
  • How To Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Extraction
    Prepare early, have the necessary items in place and comforting accessories at arm’s length. Soon after your procedure, the constant aching and nausea that plagued you will be long gone. Read more
  • How to Find the Best Dentist in Miami
    Working with the right dentist is important so you get the look and confidence you want. When you're looking for the right cosmetic dentist, here are a few things to think about and questions to ask... Read more