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Organized Dentistry: It’s All in the Family

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Organized Dentistry: It’s All in the Family

Why You Should Consider A Multi-Generational Dental Practice

It’s quite common for parents to hand down businesses to their children. In the old days, the son of a carpenter would naturally take to the craft as he grew older. Eventually, he would excel as a result of having a built-in mentor his entire life.

Here's Why Visiting A Second-Generation Dentist Will Change Your Mind About Visiting the Dentist

That raises into question whether a multi-generational dental practice can ensure continued success for long-time patients. After the original retires, what makes his successor fit for the job at hand? That brings us to the topic of this piece, why are 2nd generation dentists a good option for patients to consider?

The Successor

Studies over the years have shown that 2nd and 3rd generation technology comes with the reliability and reputation of the 1st generation. 

However, it also brings ingenuity and adaptability to the table.

Often, children become the new and improved version of their parents, expanding upon the work their parents spent their entire lives building. The legacy remains, however, appreciation and confidence will encourage the child to enhance what's already working. 

This is the nature of life. Once we grow out of a pair of shoes, be expand the size rather trying to fit the same pair of shoes at ages 12 and 30.

Every business has a life cycle, and this is no exception.

Unlike 1st generation practices, 2nd generation practices experience different scenarios happening for the first time.

A 2nd generation dentist often knows how to handle common emergency situations. This is because they have been watching their parents handle these same scenarios for many years.

Having weaned on several years of experience, a 2nd generation dentist understands the basics of running a successful practice. With that in mind, we cast our spotlight on second-generation dentists as we uncover why you might be better off going to a successor and avoiding other options. 

Here goes: 

1) They grew up with love for the job.

Many years ago, a son would have followed his father's footsteps without the opportunity or awareness to pursue anything else.

Having watched on as their predecessors went about their work, modern second-generation dentists developed a natural love for the job. 

Thus, the early years of life were spent in admiration and preparation for the job ahead.

These dentists got into the field purely out of interest, and are highly motivated to carry the family dentistry practice to greater heights.

A person who is highly motivated by genuine interest and respect for those who came before them does not find much incentive in "keeping up with the Joneses."

They are determined to provide a good service and perform quality work. It's less likely these doctors are greedy, needy, or looking for social status - as they witnessed the exact lifestyle they could expect to achieve while growing up. 

Additionally, they tend to keep staff happy & motivated for much longer because they understand the synergy of personality types needed to keep the office thriving.

They work hard to succeed and keep the legacy going. Therefore, they will give the business everything they can to ensure patient satisfaction. 

This authentic love for their line of work is an essential part of finding an excellent dentist. This character trait also goes for just about any other industry. 

2) Unrivaled experience.

A budding second-generation dentist might be fresh out of college and practicing for the first time, but he comes armed with the experience equivalence of a lifetime dentist. 

He has learned under the guidance of working professionals. Furthermore, he was likely guided down this career path long before most people were even sure about what they wanted to do in life. 

Further, he was probably helping out at the center during summer breaks and holidays. He probably witnessed a few hurdles the practice overcame. And he has had a seat at the table regarding how to deal with unforeseen complications that an inexperienced dentist might startle at.

Further, these doctors often come from familes where uncles or cousins may also be dentists. This means that knowledge shared within the family has seeped into the subconscious of that dentist through repetition over the decades.

In other words, he knows how to respond to more situations than he's not even consciously aware of by way of passive listening. This is crucial when undergoing a major dental procedure. Many new surgeons have a tendency to "freeze up" during emergencies and stressful situations.

3) Second generation dentists bring modern-day technological skills to the practice.

In a world rife with interactive websites, intuitive software, and revolutionary mobile apps, the next lineup of dentists know how to leverage dental technologies more than any generation that came before.

They’ve grown up in a world of rapidly evolving AI and whatnot, and this new understanding can aid them in implementing vital digital solutions. What’s more, they know which doors to knock on with regards to keeping up to date. They have a social network of knowedlegable and experienced practitioners, as well as modern education to back it up. 

We can expect this to be the case as our civilization turns a new leaf.

However, these new-age physicians aren't always keen on trusting the older methods of solving problems. Sometimes, the best tool for the job is a hammer. Sometimes it's robotic-assisted surgery.

For example, in China, there aren't enough trained and qualified oral surgeons.

They have robots that can perform certain procedures, increasing accessibility to dental options across the country. However, these robots aren't able to do some of the simplest tasks.

Like every industry, there are still traditional methods of solving problems that work better than any form of artificial, or technologically advanced methods.

4) They have the vitality of youth

Ripe from college and eager to answer the call of duty, second-generation dentists bring an infectious positivity and tremendous work ethic with them. 

This is because they already know how to be successful. They aren't discouraged by the potential challenges ahead because they have seen their predecessor overcome those same challenges.

Additionally, they are willing to meet with patients after hours and go above and beyond the average dentist.

 They'll do whatever it takes to hit the ground running. Moreover, they come armed with the knowledge of a revised curriculum, throwing out the information that isn't relevant to the practice and applying the modern techniques simultaneously.  

That alone tackles many problems in the present era. 

In the same breath, these second-generation dentists also adapt to contemporary techniques and newfound remedies.

In essence, you get the expertise of two completely different eras of dentistry in one doctor.

The Multi-faceted Practitioner

Many look upon second-generation physicians with doubt, dismissing them as "silver spoon" babies or expecting them to feel a sense of entitlement. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t be dismissive of a dentist’s son or daughter. They are likely to care about their work and bring a bulk of specialized insight to the table. 

Consequently, this comes at the same cost as a 1st-generation dentist. They not only appreciate the work and have a genuine interest in it, but they also want to uphold the predecessor's reputation. These are the physicians, who in medical school, spent additional time studying. They never left the industry to explore another career path. And they never practiced bad ethics.

Considerable evidence points toward second-generation dentists being more than up to the task at hand.