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Hollywood, FL Cosmetic Dentistry Unboxed

Cosmetic Dentistry in Hollywood, FL: Unboxed

Cosmetic dentistry is geared at improving dental aesthetics. Encompassing a plethora of aspects such as: alignment, size, shape, and color, among others, to ensure a flawless overall presentation, this field of medicine is about confidence and communication. If you’re looking for that perfect Hollywood Smile, our center can fix those cracks and chips to not only make you look good but also feel a lot better as well. 

Here’s what the cosmetic dentistry field generally entails:

Teeth whitening

Due to years of medication, drinking, staining, eating, or smoking, among other color-altering personal habits, teeth lose their original appeal. Their shade may change over time, becoming more yellow, brown, etc. Their texture may become rougher and less smooth or shiny. This can make you look less healthy, and can even age your smile faster than mother nature.

For those who aren't happy with the color of their teeth, whitening can rectify that to restore the appearance of youth. 

It’s a basic procedure that involves the removal of tartar, plaque, and general debris from each tooth before bleaching is done. This will restore the original hues of your teeth or even attain a much lighter appearance than before depending on the requirements of the patient. 

Composite bonding

For discolored, damaged, or decaying teeth, composite bonding offers a great fix. 

Your Hollywood, FL dentist will first take out the affected parts via a drilling process, which will be utterly painless since you’ll be under anesthesia. Then they'll initiate a thorough cleaning before filling the gaps with a resin. 

The composite is then sculpted and hardened into shape via light technology. 

Composite bonding offers a relatively affordable solution for cracked, chipped, broken teeth, or tooth decay compared to other procedures.


Are you missing a tooth, and feeling consequently self-conscious about your smile? 

An implant can take care of that quickly and effectively. This Hollywood cosmetic dentistry procedure involves attaching a new tooth to the jaw via a tiny titanium screw that offers crown reinforcement. 

A bridging tissue ensures seamless fusion, with the final product being a tooth that can take any punishment (eating and drinking) thrown it's way. What’s more, the implant is indistinguishable from natural teeth so you can smile without worry. 


Dental veneers are a non-invasive remedy for covering up teeth gaps, damages, and crooked teeth. 

The veneer material goes over the teeth, and it’s held in place by a dental adhesive. They are remarkably realistic, too thin to notice, and characteristically made from robust ceramic. Veneers can not only improve smile aesthetics but also act as a protective barrier that shields the surface of the tooth from damage. 

Gum lifts

If you are unhappy with your gum appearance and feel that it gets in the way of your perfect smile, a gingivectomy, or gum lift, offers reshaping relief through raising or lowering of the gums. Modern techniques incorporate the use of painless laser technology for gum lifts, which ensure minimum downtime compared to conventional methods. 

After a trip to your Hollywood cosmetic dentist, the recovery process usually takes no longer than two days.

Cosmetic dentistry is gaining more popularity by the day in the dental professional, and it’s becoming a crucial field that turns disappointment into confidence while bettering your dental and overall health. 

A good dentist can give you that sparkling smile you crave by determining what procedures will do you good, ensuring an investment worth your time and money.