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What Not to Eat With a Temporary Crown

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What Not to Eat With a Temporary Crown

What Not to Eat With a Temporary Crown

If you are undergoing dental crown replacement in the near future, you’ll likely need to split the work into two appointments. 

The first appointment will encompass a thorough cleaning, and the removal of infected nerves, decayed tissue, and more. The purpose of this appointment is to get your teeth in tip-top shape before your crown is installed.

It’s unlikely you’ll get a permanent crown during this first visit, but to keep the space clean until the next appointment, your dentist may place a temporary crown.

A temporary crown will shield exposed tissue while it heals, as you await the long-term solution of a permanent crown. In the meantime, there are several foods you should avoid eating to prevent damage to your temporary crown and promote faster recovery of the tissue that lies therein. The dietary guidelines are as follows:

Avoid Sticky Foods

Gummy bears, taffy, licorice, caramels, bubble gum, and anything else with an adhesive texture should be avoided until after your permanent crown is in place. 

Namely, because these kinds of foods leave a residue that is difficult to remove from the crevices and gaps between teeth. This can lead to cavities and gum issues that weren't there before your initial visit and cleaning. Bacteria and gum issues can necessitate the removal of a permanent crown down the line if they aren't addressed early on.

Additionally, sticky foods can pull at the temporary crown. Given that a temporary crown is only a shallow fix, it is susceptible to detachment.  If it loosens and eventually detaches from the tooth, you’ll need a couple more trips to the dentist for additional cleanings, temporary crown replacement, and potentially even more than that.

No Energy Drinks

At the top of your "no-no" list - right alongside sticky foods - are sodas and energy drinks. 

These are generally pretty bad for you, but they're especially bad when you've got exposed gum tissue or gum sensitivity and you're in-between visits.

Containing such enormous amounts of sugar, such beverages increase the risk of tooth decay and the formation of cavities. 

These beverages can easily seep into the tiny gaps between the temporary crown and the tooth. They can eat away at the supporting enamel due to their acidic nature, thereby resulting in extreme irritation and discomfort. In rare cases, an unrestricted diet between the two appointments can lead to unnecessary risks. 

From the time a temporary crown is placed to your next appointment when a permanent crown is placed, it's important to be careful what you're eating.

Avoid Hard Foods, Especially Hard Candy

The permanent crown is usually made from porcelain or metal. Both materials can handle the impact of hard foods. These might include foods such as carrots, hard candies, and nuts. 

However, a temporary crown, on the other hand, is made from a way softer, more malleable material. It is susceptible to breakage or damage if too much force is applied onto the surface. These temporary crowns are much easier to impact because they are meant to be taken out within a short period, hence the phrase "temporary." 

If they were made of the same material as permanent crowns, they'd be more expensive and harder to remove. These would essentially defeat the purpose of having a temporary crown. The purpose is simply to hold space while the teeth heal in preparation for a permanent crown.

Stay Away From Very Sugary Foods

Sweets, candy, shakes, desserts, and anything with too much sugar should be shoved aside for a while until you get your new crown. 

There’s typically a void between the temporary crown and the gumline, with permanent builds fitting a lot closer, meaning you could easily come down with tooth decay. Sugary foods can also encourage plaque build-up on your teeth, which could lead to an infection. 

No Cold Foods & No Hot Liquids

Your teeth can be more sensitive than usual after the procedure. Temperature extremes may be felt more severely after the initial procedure due to exposed nerve endings. It’s therefore, best to lay off hot liquids like tea, coffee, or soups, and the same goes for cold foods, including ice-cream, frozen drinks, and alcohol in general. 

Luckily, you’ll not have to avoid the foods you like for too long. 

Your Hollywood, FL dentist will probably have your new crown ready in one week or two at the most.  In terms of what you can eat, eggs are an excellent option. Whether boiled or scrambled, they are comfortably soft and satisfying. Pasta is also highly recommended for the same reasons, and you might get away with drinking smoothies. Cool (not cold) foods, soft foods, and soups like gazpacho or vichyssoise are also great choices.