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What do You Know about Periodontists and What They Do?

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  • What do You Know about Periodontists and What They Do?
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What do You Know about Periodontists and What They Do?

What do You Know about Periodontists and What They Do?

Your primary care doctor might recommend a couple of professionals for specialized help with an ailment beyond his expertise. 

He may suggest that you see a physiotherapist or ENT specialist, and if you have a certain type of gum problem, he may recommend a periodontist. 

So have you ever been to one? 

Probably not. Most people will never see a periodontist unless there's a triggering issue at hand. Who are these periodontists in the first place, and should make such an appointment be a priority before an issue arises?

We’ll be answering these questions and more that you might have about periodontists and what they do:

Who is a periodontist?

When people have a gum condition called periodontal disease, they see periodontists.

Periodontists are experts in the gums, having specialized in this specific kind of study during dental school. It’s typically the case that many people have some form of gum disease, for example, gingivitis, and they'll go on with their lives without even knowing it. 

The best way to know for sure is by reaching out to a good periodontist Hollywood, FL.

Aside from majoring in periodontitis treatment, these kinds of dentists are also the ones to approach for dental implants. Periodontitis can cause teeth to fall out, although that can also occur due to a variety of other problems.

Periodontists undergo countless hours of exclusive training on dental implant repair, maintenance, and placement. They usually receive specialized training at dental school. This kind of training lasts three years more than the regular education a general dentist receives. 

What does a periodontist do?

Periodontists mainly specialize in complex cases of periodontitis, which may be beyond the expertise of your regular dentist. They offer remedies in a variety of treatment plans, most commonly through root planing and scaling, where they clean the root to get rid of the infected surface. 

Alternatively, your periodontist may prefer a root surface debridement if the issue involves damaged tissue. 

Additionally, these dentists can also offer surgical treatments for severe gum complications

What happens during a periodontal appointment?

The first visit typically entails the reviews of dental and medical histories. 

Treatment or medication for chronic conditions like diabetes can get in the way of periodontal care, which is why your periodontist in Hollywood, FL needs to know your history to work out how to circumvent any issues. 

Pregnancy may also have a say in the treatment solution your dentist suggests. 

Once all that is straightened out, the next step is usually the examination phase. Your periodontist will take a look at your gums to assess the bite, determine the onset of gum line recession, and identify loose teeth. 

During this gum checkup, you’ll notice your dentist taking measurements with a curved pencil-like instrument called a probe. This device helps him work out the depth of periodontal pockets, or the space between gums and teeth, to establish the gum’s health. He may even carry out an X-ray to examine the bone beneath the gum line.

When to see a periodontist.

A general dentist can handle the periodontal needs of some patients, but if the periodontal disease is severe and complex, you may be sent to a periodontal specialist.

Periodontists have a greater understanding of the many gum diseases and are your go-to for extensive periodontal treatment. It’s important to see a periodontist at least twice a year to identify any budding dental problems in good time.